Best Real Estate Investment Deals in Santa Cruz – January 2019

Best Real Estate Deal in Santa Cruz Jan 2019

Real Estate in Santa Cruz can make you lots of money if you buy and sell at the right time. In fact, the top deal in Jan 2019 made the owner 8.43% annualized, which is definitely better than putting money in the bank or government bonds. Of course, this excludes the renovation costs and maintenance fee of a home. However, you get a roof over your head in the meantime. Not to mention, you could earn a rental income from it too and your earning is probably higher since you are leveraging on a home loan.

We monitored researched home sales from Zillow, and listed the following annualized Return On Investment (ROI) that you would have made if you are the owner of these valuable properties.

For further information, a normal ROI only take into account the profit and not the number of years it takes to sell your estate. For example, a 100% profit over 1 year and 10 years is ROI 100%. But if you annualize ROI over 10 years is a pathetic 7.17%! Do your mathematics right if you want to be a real estate investor. 

Without further ado, the listing of top real estate and their seller agent. We hope to have a chance to talk to the respective seller agents and learn about their experience for sharing in the next post!

Property Seller Agent Buy Date Buy Price Sell Date Sell Price Annualized ROI
7912 Empire Grade Santa Cruz, CA 95060 8/19/2010 $509,757 1/14/2019 $1,007,000 8.43%
3813 Floral Ct Santa Cruz, CA 95062 Bryan MacKenzie 12/30/2010 $835,000 1/7/2019 $1,545,000 7.97%
211 Surfside Ave Santa Cruz, CA 95060 12/29/2015 $850,000 1/9/2019 $1,055,000 7.38%
170 W Cliff Dr SPC 41 Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Dana Rasmussen 12/29/2014 $62,500 1/9/2019 $82,950 7.27%
120 Grandview St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 11/1/1995 $144,000 1/14/2019 $688,000 6.97%
111 Moore Creek Rd Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Paula Woods 8/23/1996 $450,000 1/8/2019 $1,525,000 5.60%
635 Southview Ter Santa Cruz, CA 95060 5/8/2012 $585,000 1/9/2019 $820,000 5.19%
421 Poplar Ave Santa Cruz, CA 95062 12/30/1999 $345,000 1/2/2019 $700,000 3.79%



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