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Facebook is one of the most influencing social media platforms where you can connect with prospective buyers with ease, even Amex embraces social media since 2011. The fact is most people spend a lot of time online and for this reason if you want to connect with a significant number of your audience; you have to exploit social media marketing.

Today, most of the real estate agents use Facebook to connect with their customers giving them all the information that they need and connecting with those who want to know more. They connect directly with homeowners and also take the chance to foster a business relationship with peers.

Although connecting with the homeowners and peers through Facebook seems easy, to maintain that relationship requires a bit of hard work. In this brief, we are going to talk about how Facebook can help real estate agents build and maintain relationships.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook advertising setup

Paid advertising campaigns through Facebook follow a common structure:

  • Campaign - You have to decide the main objective of your ad (purchase, sign-up, engagement, likes) and budget.
  • Ad set - This is the place where you will determine the audience you are targeting. The period of time you want your ad to run.
  • Ad Copy - This is the other end of the structure. Here you have to enter the creative aspect of your marketing whether it is video or image.

Facebook Campaign Objective

If your initial objective changes, the ad performance may differ as Facebook need to learn/adapt so it is recommended to create a new campaign when your objective change. We will provide some guidance for your consideration.

On campaign, our recommendation is to focus your core objective on getting leads/signup of interested parties. The likes and engagement will come along with it.

For ad-set, don't overthink as the trend is not to over target. Just focus on broad interests and creating different ad-sets. You would use the concept of testing small here. We would do at least 10 ad-sets to test over 3 days and stop non-performing ads and keeping the performers at the end of it. Imagine each ad-set as your marketer and keeping the best ones. Here are some broad interests to use:


  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Redfin


  • Likely to move
  • Recent mortgage borrower
  • First time home buyer
  • Visiting from out of town
  • Recently married
  • Recently engaged
  • Recently divorced
  • New job


  • ZIP codes (you can also exclude ZIP codes)
  • City radius
  • Specific address radius
  • People traveling in a location

For ad-copy, video outperforms image usually. If you are doing video, just do a video and focus on doing different variations of the first 3s of your ad copies. This really dictates if a person continue watching or choose to scroll away.

    Why you should consider Facebook for your marketing strategy

    There are several reasons why most of the people are now turning to Facebook to market their businesses. Facebook is now the social media platform of choice for most of the marketers because of several reasons. It is one of the cheapest social media platforms to start showcasing your business. It is also recognized as the best social media advertising for small businesses.

    If you want to save a lot of money on your next move and at the same time ensure that your business is growing as crazy, Facebook is your best partner. Here are some of the reasons why Facebook ads will help you in this process.

    People spend a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook

    One thing that you should know is that Facebook is too huge for any time of business. Your business just like 40 million other businesses needs a Facebook page. According to statistics, an average Facebook user spends about 28% of his/her time on social networks. The same statistics show that an average American spends about 40 minutes on Facebook liking and sharing content. People like more than 4.1 million posts, accompanied by status updates, photos, posting comments and sharing.

    Facebook has over 1 Billion Users

    If you want to reach a significant number of prospective customers, then Facebook is the best. It is a Big deal. Facebook released some data recently which said that more than 1.55 billion people log in to Facebook every month and a significant number of them uses their mobile phones.

    With Facebook, Targeting is Amazing

    Today, Facebook is more targeted than you may think. If you are really into marketing then your business just like others can target users with Facebook ads by location, demographics, gender, age, interests, behaviors and connections.

    Easily turn visitors into leads and customers

    If you really hold on and work hard to make Facebook marketing work, then you will eventually bring new traffic to your website. However, you need much more than that. You want leads, customers and sales and there’s no better way to do that than using Facebook.

    How to promote real estate property in Facebook

    If you want to build relationships on Facebook and connect directly with homeowners and the peers and even to find new followers, you have to follow the below structure. There are several ways that you can make your real estate business seen on Facebook.

    Be helpful on Facebook groups

    This is the best way that you can market your real estate business on Facebook. You have to start by posting helpful information on Facebook groups. You have to differentiate yourself among those spammers who fill up Facebook with their listings. You have to start by posting helpful articles and blog posts. You also have to ensure that the articles and the blog posts you write links directly to your website. The next thing is that you should look for a way to turn those lead captures on your website to turn those clicks into leads.

    When you are posting, you don’t have to focus entirely on real estate groups. Be most active in groups that are focusing on other topics. There are several groups in the market that also focus on basic news and chat groups.

    Facebook retargeting

    This is the second thing that you should handle. You have to look for a better way to make sure your ads follow others around on Facebook. The wisest thing to do is to set up Facebook ad audiences. This is to ensure that your ads follow people around who’ve previously been on your website.

    Open House Signups

    This will come in if you have an open house coming up. The wisest decision on this is to set up a landing page to make sure you get signups for that open house. You can as well set an ad to point back to your website.

    Use of Facebook Videos

    Facebook videos are the oldest of all the methods of marketing on Facebook. They still have fantastic reach online when you compare them directly to other posts on Facebook. Just make good videos and later post them on Facebook. Posting them directly on Facebook may generate more views and likes than if you uploaded it on YouTube and eventually shared the links.

    Buyer’s lists

    Do you really know what matters the most in real estate? It’s getting the listings. As a matter of fact, the best way of getting a listing is having a list of buyers who are particularly interested in a predetermined neighborhood. On our case, you should use Facebook ads to get buyers onto a mailing list for homes.

    Related Questions

    Does Social Media work for High-End Real Estate Marketing? A study done by Linkedin shows that over 90% of high-end consumers use social media. It is unlikely to sell a multi-million dollar home because of your ads. Instead, you can build the relationship by involving an opt-in page again then follow up email sequences with useful content and continued relationship building over social media.

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